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Will Wright: Game Designer


Will Wright was born in Atlanta, on January 20, 1960. After living there for nine years, him and his family moved to Baton Rouge,LA. In his early childhood, he was considered to be curious and obsesive. He would take a topic, and then try to learn as much as he possibly could. These bouts of obsesive learning can last up to months or even a year!Will Wright

He went to a few different universities and tech schools, but never earned a degree. When he found the love of his life and soon to be wife, Joell Jones,he moved to Oakland, California. While his wife pursued her career as an artist, Will Wright decided to make PC games.

He created his first game "Raid on Bungling Bay" and was released in 1984. The game sold well in Japan but not so much in the United States. But creating this game gave him an epiphany. He realised he had more fun creating the streets and cities of the game, than he did actually playing the game!

Will Wright next to the logo of his game franchise The Sims.

This idea inspired him to create his first revolutionary game,"SimCity". The game helped create his gaming company Maxis and since then, the game became a franchise that exists to this day. Will Wright went on to create other games including his most famous game/franchise "The Sims" and his most recent game today "Spore".

Will Wright's games are so influential and revolutionary, that he has helped create a new genre of game in which you control some type of artificial intilgence much like a God. So appropriately, the genre is know as God-games and what most people will say is that Will Wright is "The God of God-games."

Will Wright is showing no signs of slowing down, when it comes to making games that push the definition of what a "game" is. With each game he makes, he inspires other game designers and players to go beyond their boundaries and think outside the box.

Created by Ryan Mchughes