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Will Wright: Game Designer


When Will Wright had some trouble publishing his game, "SimCity", he met an entreprenuer by the name of, Jeff Braun. Jeff wanted to get into the market of making games but was unsure of where he would start. When Jeff met Will and he saw the game, Jeff knew he had to get in on this. So the two came together and formed the company "Maxis".

Maxis Logo

With "SimCity", the company recieved a revenue of $38.1 million. But afterwards, the company was under a lot of pressure to make another hit game. Their stocks went down, and they lost an estimated $1.7 million.

Soon they were forced to have an aquisition with Electronic Arts (E.A.). The deal saved Maxis from almost going away forever. Even though it meant firing a huge number of his employees.

After having the aquisition with E.A., it opened the door for Will Wright to create his best game yet, "The Sims". Since then his company has been a huge success to this day.

Created by Ryan Mchughes