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Will Wright: Game Designer

Will's Games

Raid on Bungling Bay

Will Wright's first game ever made. You control a helicopter where you destroy a number of things! This had inspired Will to create one of his most famous games SimCity.


SimCity is one of Will Wright's longest running franchises that grows to this day. The game lets the player build and control a city from nothing to a gargantuan metropolis! This game lets you control every aspect of your city such as pollution, power, money, health, happiness of the citzens, law enforcment, and much more!

The Sims

Considered to be one of Will Wright's best selling games ever made. The Sims lets you control a family's or single person's life. You get to choose where they live, what their house looks like, their belongings, their jobs, when they eat, use the toilet, almost every thing you can think of, you can control! You can even create the people or "Sims" too; Possibly making a family that resembles your own, or perhaps a family that doesn't exist at all!


Shaping up to become even bigger than The Sims, Spore puts you in charge of a single celled organism and evolve it into the dominant species on the planet, and eventually the entire galaxy! You will witness your own creation, using the advanced creature creator, come to life due to the revoultionary new way of animating known as "Procedural Animation." This game has a larger scope and it is more epic than any game Will Wright has ever created in his career!

Created by Ryan Mchughes